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Suitable For Indoor | Outdoor | Commercial Use.

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Suitable For Cold Plunge Use.

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Up to 5 times thicker than a standard bath tub, keeping the water at temperature far longer.

Japanese Deep Soaking Baths

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Deep Soaking Whirlpool Baths

Deep Whirlpool Baths

Deep Whirlpool Bath configurations from Omnitub area available on all sizes and are tailored to your exact requirements.

Our jets are flush, non-protruding and can be placed to give you the very best possible soaking experience.

All 11 sizes of our Deep Soaking Whirlpool Bath are available in any colour and we also offer a custom plating service should you wish to move away from our standard chrome finish.

We have Black, Gold, Brass and more including variants of each finish. It takes longer, costs more and is a bit extra but if you really want that one of a kind Deep Soaking Whirlpool Bath then you've come to the right place.

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Omnitub Solo Range

From £685

Most popular in bathrooms designed for one person to use in smaller environments or those when looking to have a separate walk-in shower and tub.

Omnitub Duo Range

From £765

Modelled around the idea of sharing a tub, the Omnitub Duo Range is squarer in design facilitating the ability to face each other whilst soaking.

Omnitub Deluxe Range

From £830

With the waste hole place centrally, the Omnitub Deluxe Range is double-ended, perfect for sharing and are our longest range of Deep Soaking Baths.

Japanese Deep Soaking Baths | Solo Range

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Japanese Deep Soaking Baths | Duo Range

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Japanese Deep Soaking Baths | Deluxe Range

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Deep Baths Made In Britain

At Omnitub Deep Soaking Baths we handmake 11 different sized deep bath tubs from our premises in Somerset, United Kingdom and ship them all over the world :-)

The Japanese Deep Soaking Baths are available in any colour, with or without a frame, panel and waste system.

Deep Whirlpool Baths are available with any of our 11 sizes and can be customised specifically to your needs.

Turnaround times are prompt and from the start of 2021 we've been stepping up our efforts to become an even greener organisation by delivering even more orders ourselves which saves massively on our carbon emissions.

Omnitub Deep Soaking Baths are far thicker than other baths. As an idea, a standard acrylic bath is around 2-3mm thick or if reinforced around 5mm thick whereas Omnitub Deep Soaking Baths are 15mm thick around the sides and 40mm thick on the base, meaning your water temperature remains consistent far longer than other baths (check the reviews 😘)

Omnitub Deep Soaking Baths are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and for Domestic, Commercial and Public Market Sectors.

All of our Deep Baths have a guarantee of 10 years and our whirlpool systems have a two year guarantee. We have an extended warranty product being released very shortly too 😍

Frames & Panels

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Deep Soaking Handcrafted Bath Tubs in Somerset

Established in 2004 after spending the previous summer in Japan, Omnitub was founded to deliver the first Japanese Style Deep Soaking Bath to the UK.

We're a family run business and are proud to be a part of the Made In Britain initiative.

Each Omnitub is manufactured in Somererset by hand and is truely unlike any other bath on the market.

We hand lay a GRP coating over the mould which we also manufacture ourselves in Somerset, then once dried begin reinforcing the Omnitub to give it the strength, structure and water temperature retention which is unmatched within the market.

Omnitub's are suitable for hot or cold soaks and have been placed in sporting facilities all over the World for ice bath purposes. We've seen a big rise in athletes choosing Omnitub for their training as it's multi purpose functions of being perfect for all water types.

Each Omnitub is 600mm in depth and has fixed 45mm feet attached to the base of the Omnitub, we also offer the ability to ship the Omnitub without these feet as some door ways are too narrorw to fit a 645mm (64.5cm) Omnitub through the doorway or hallway, we can then provide self tapping screws and the ability to place these feet on onced placed in the bathroom.

We have a fixed waste location on each Omnitub but can ship with or without an overflow or can place the overflow in a different location on the Omnitub for you, you just need to consider the distance from the overflow to the waste if you want your overflow in a different location. We do have a 1.3m pop up waste available if this is the case.

We also offer a trim down service, so if yor space is slightly under the size of one of the Omnitub's we can trim down up to 50mm of the 75mm flanges or up to 75mm of the 100mm flange. Just be cautious of the overflow access if you want to trim down the 100mm flange by 75mm, usually when we trim sides down where the overflow is being placed it is either on an Omnitub with no overflow or where the overflow waste is being sunk into the wall behind the Omnitub.

In late 2020, we introduced the Omnitub Configurator which provides the functionality to design your own Omnitub on our website. You can add Jet Whirlpools (water jets on the side of the Omnitub), Jet Spas (air jets at the base of the Omnitub), Chromotherapy Lighting (lighting placed on the side of the Omnitub) and much more. It's currently in stage one of its release and is being actively developed on.

We have tens of thousands of happy customers from all around the World and can not wait to see what you do with your Omnitub.

Request A Callback / Book A Viewing

If you'd like any help in placing your order then you can use the calendar below to book in a callback and we can answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, you can use the live chat at the bottom of this website or reach out to us on WhatsApp.

If you would like to visit us in Somerset then please use the calendar below to book in for a viewing.

Our address for viewings is; Unit 3 Commerce Way, Walrow Industrial Estate, Highrbidge, Somerset, TA9 4AG.

You can also hit this link to get directions on Google Maps.

Viewings are available Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 20:30.


10 Years

(2 years on system installs)


8 colours available

(colour swatch match available)


Free UK mainland shipping

(rest of the world shipping also available)


Proud to be British

(handmade in Somerset)


We have a dedicated driver who travels up and down the UK every day, therefore there is a high chance that we will pass your delivery destination! As well as offering Free UK Mainland delivery, our driver, Kai will also help take your Omnitub off of the delivery truck and into your building.


Spread the cost of your Omnitub over 6 to 12 months on 0% finance making it easier to help run other essential projects. Alternatively, we offer finance up to 48 months interest bearing.