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Deep Seated Bath Tubs from Omnitub | Free UK Shipping | Any Colour | Omnitub

Suitable For Indoor | Outdoor | Commercial Use.

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Suitable For Cold Plunge Use.

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Deep Seated Baths

Experience unparalleled comfort with our Deep Seated Baths from Omnitub Ltd, a leading provider of high-quality tubs. Expertly handcrafted in our Somerset factory, our Deep Seated Baths are always in stock, available in three convenient sizes, and ready for delivery according to your schedule. We are committed to manufacturing six days a week, ensuring a consistent supply of our standard white tubs. For those seeking a personalised touch, our coloured tub options can be ready in just two weeks.

Our Deep Seated Baths are not only suitable for indoor and outdoor residential use, but they're also an excellent choice for commercial applications. Enjoy a traditional soaking experience, take a refreshing cold plunge, or relax in a whirlpool system – the choice is yours.

As with our Deep Soaking Japanese Bath Tubs, worldwide shipping is available, and we offer free shipping within UK mainland. Embrace the depth and relaxation of our Deep Seated Baths – a masterpiece of British craftsmanship and comfort.

Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

When you purchase an Omnitub, you can rest assured knowing that your Deep Soaking Bath Tub has been handmade in Somerset (England) by our skilled team.

We are not importers, distributors or resellers of another product.

We are the proud manufacturers of the Omnitub.