Bespoke Baths from Omnitub

We are able to create Bespoke Omnitub® Sizes and completely Bespoke Baths. If we already have a size which is close to the size you require then you most likely do not need to order or discuss a “Bespoke Omnitub® Size”. Instead the Omnitub® which is closest to what you’re after can be trimmed, either by us or your installer.

Please look through the below to get a further understanding on what is possible in regards to trimming an existing Omnitub®

A few examples of what would be better suited for a trim request rather than a Bespoke Omnitub® Enquiry;

1 - 1500 x 750 (Trim 50mm Off B or D) - Although we could make a purpose built Omnitub® at this size for a ‘Lower Bespoke Price’ | Omnitub® Solo Ultra

2 - 1000 x 800 (Trim 50mm Off A) | Omnitub® Solo Max

3 - 1175 x 800 (Trim 75mm Off A & 50 Off B or D) | Omnitub® Supreme

4 - 1100 x 900 (Trim 50mm Off A) | Omnitub Solo Extra

5 - 1700 x 800 (Trim Total Of 100mm Off A & C) A & C against the wall | Omnitub Deluxe Plus

In the past we have created new Omnitub® sizes from customers and we’re pleased to confirm we are still offering this service. So if you are looking for something which is a different size and would like to discuss this please do feel free to reach out. 

We also offer a Bespoke Service for the Hospitality Industry and the Pod Manufacturing Sector. To discuss these requirements please reach out to us on either WhatsApp us or call 01934 751200 and ask for Ollie. 

All Bespoke Services are carried out in house with our own Team of skilled craftsman. We can create any length, width, depth… Anything.

To discuss an order with us please either WhatsApp us or call 01934 751200 and ask for Ollie. 

Deep Baths From Omnitub

Omnitub Bespoke

Any Length

Any Width

Any Depth

Any Colour

From Design To Delivery

With Omnitub Bespoke, we work closely with you on every detail of your bespoke bath and keep you in the loop at every stage of production.

We offer two pricing tiers for Omnitub Bespoke;

Lower TIer

A size we will reuse within our existing ranges.

Higher Tier

A size we will never resuse within our existing ranges.

Tier Examples

Lower Tier Example Sizes

600 Deep

750 / 800 / 900 / 1050 Wide


Higher Tier Example Sizes

Other Than 600 Deep

Other Than 750 / 800 / 900 / 1050 Wide

One At A Time

We only take on on bespoke project at a time so turnaround times are varied.

Some of the more complex designs have taken up to 4 weeks to complete design, pattern, master and production mould plus delivery.

Orders are taken in advance ad we can queue bespoke orders with an agreed tiumescale prior to procedding with a bespoke order.


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