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Most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How deep is an Omnitub deep bath?

The internal soaking depth of an Omnitub non seated tub is up to 600mm.

The internal soaking depth of an Omnitub seated tub is up to 1000mm.

Does the deep bath come with feet?

All non seated Omnitub's are shipped with an included feet kit.

Do I have to use the feet provided to raise the height of the bath?


Will the deep bath fit through my door?

For your new deep bath to be able to fit through your door, the door width must be a minimum of 630mm. To fit the deep bath through the doorway, you should turn it on its side so that the 625mm height of the deep bath acts as the temporary width. If your doorway is not 630mm in width, then you should consult with your installer.

A standard internal door in the UK is between 720mm and 750mm.

Does the deep bath require a step?

No, a step is not required in order for you to be able to get into your deep bath. Although some customers opt to having a step made, this has been done by design and is not required.

What is an Omnitub deep bath made from?

Every Omnitub is handmade in Somerset using a triple lay application gel coat and reinforced with fibreglass bonded with resin and an additional baseboard under the Omnitub for extra stability and support. The base board also ensures that you could drill into the base should you need too.


Do the baths come with an overflow?

No, only the waste hole is predrilled. You can find the document on how to drill the overflow here.

Does the deep bath come with an overflow kit?

The deep bath does not come with an overflow kit. We recommend that all customers purchase one of our overflow products from the bundle because then you can have peace of mind that the kit you purchase will fit the deep bath. Whilst we recommend to purchase one of our overflow products, it is not essential and you can use a different piece.

Can I buy my own overflow kit?

Yes, you can. Whilst we do provide overflow kits for you to purchase, you are more than welcome to source your own kit. However, this is up to you and your installer to ensure that it fits the required length from the overflow location to the waste hole location.

Can you cut the overflow into the deep bath?

This is no longer a service we can offer but it is very easy to drill an overflow into an Omnitub.

What size should the overflow be?

The overflow hole size will be a variable depending on your desired kit used. You should read the overflow kits manufacturers recommendation on the recommended hole size to drill.

Waste holes

Do the baths come with a waste hole?

All Omnitub deep baths come with a waste hole pre-drilled into the carcass.

Can the position of the waste hole be moved?

The waste hole position can not be moved. All waste hole positions will be shown in your desired deep baths technical specification files (which can be located on the product page).

What is the size of the waste hole?

The size of the waste hole is 52mm⌀ (52mm in diameter).


How long will it take for me to recieve my deep bath?

You can select your delivery date on the checkout on our website.

Delivery is Monday - Friday and a dedicated day can be chosen.

AM and PM deliveries are also available for the dedicated delivery day service.

Please note, this service is only available to UK customers. Worldwide customers delivery time is listed on the checkout.

How will my order arrive?

All orders are dispatched as curb-side deliveries. Customers are responsible for moving their order from the curb to their premises. While the delivery courier is not obligated to assist, they might help if asked. They reserve the right to decline.

What should I do if my order arrives and I am not available?

If a customer refuses an order upon delivery or fails to accept it, a re-delivery fee will be charged. Omnitub Ltd is not liable for failed delivery attempts or customer refusals.

What time should I expect to recieve my order?

Within the UK Mainland, we offer two slots: AM or PM.

AM should be selected to receive your order between 8:00am - 12:00pm.

PM should be slected to recieve your order between 12:00pm - 6:00pm.

Do you offer international delivery?

We can ship a tub anywhere in the World with only a few exceptions.