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Deep Soaking Whirlpool Baths

Deep Whirlpool Baths

Handmade With ❤️ In Somerset.

Deep Soaking Whirlpool Baths

11 Different Sizes with an unlimited number of possible configurations.

All of our Deep Soaking Whirlpool Baths use Flush Jets. They won't stick in your back!

Our solutions aren't found anywhere else.

Jet Whirlpools are water & air jets placed on the side of the Omnitub which are focused around massaging the body whilst providing relaxation through the air jets.

Jet Spas are air jets placed at the bottom of the Omnitub which are focused on relaxing the body. Smaller Omnitub Systems are suitable to have 12 Jet Spas but larger ones only have 18 or 24 Jet Spa Options.

Chromotherapy Lights are LED lights with 9 different colours and 9 different faded colours inside one system. We have them as 2,3 or 4 lights which is suitable for any Omnitub.

Jet Fill fills the Omnitub through the jets instead of a filler or tap system. This is always flushing fresh water through your jets which is by far the most effective way to prolong the life of your Deep Whirlpool Bath system from Omnitub.

If you decide not to opt for Jet Fill we ensure a blow dry system is enabled which blows the water out of the system once emptied.

Side, End or Half Frame and Panel Options can work with our Deep Soaking Whirlpool Bath solutions however we need to ensure the placement of the pumps and controls do not compromise the placing of the frame and panel.

All Deep Soaking Whirlpool Orders are verified with a drawing file showcasing the following locations;

Pump(s), Controls, Jets (YES! You can choose your jet location positions) and any other items such as Jet Fill.

All 11 sizes of our Deep Soaking Whirlpool Bath are availabe in any colour and we also offer a custom plating service should you wish to move away from our standard chrome finish. We have Black, Gold, Brass and more including varients of each finish. It takes longer, costs more and is a bit extra but if you really want that one of a kind Deep Soaking Whirlpool Bath then you've come to the right place.

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Following COVID we have created an area where all 11 Omnitub's and our Demo Omnitub Whirlpool Bath is available to view.

We have a variety of Colours of Omnitub's and Panels and we're open for viewings right now.

Please hit the link below to book a viewing. It's an appointment only service.

We're available for bookings Monday - Thursday 8am - 10pm and Friday's 8am - 6pm.

We are closed for viewings on Weekends and Bank Holidays.


Trade and Large Quantity Orders | We can help!

We love working with Installers, Architects and Building Contractors from all around the World and can accommodate large order quantities and even Bespoke Deep Soaking Bath Sizes.

We regularly ship larger orders to be placed into Apartment Building and commercial environments such as Holiday Parks and Rentals. We’re happy to work under NDA.

Please call us or reach out on Live chat to start the conversation and we’ll see if we’re the perfect match to begin a long lasting working relationship.