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Japanese Deep Soaking Tubs

A deep soaking tub is a small, steep-sided bath in which the bather adopts a seated position. As the name implies, the bather can sit comfortably, well supported, while immersed up to the upper chest in water. By prioritizing depth over length and width, soaking tubs efficiently utilise bathroom space and require significantly less water compared to traditionally shaped baths.

If you fancy exchanging your current tub for a deep bath, the good news is you shouldn't have to make any substantial alterations to your plumbing. Most baths can be swapped in and out seamlessly. A freestanding bath might necessitate a slightly different tap mounting (freestanding and wall-mounted taps are quite popular), but there shouldn't be any other factors that would increase bathroom installation costs.

A standard bathtub and a soaking tub exhibit subtle distinctions in appearance. A soaking tub features steeper sides and is crafted to allow the bather to recline or sit upright with water reaching their upper body. Omnitub manufacture deep soaking bath tubs  with soaking depths of 600mm (60cm).


Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

When you purchase an Omnitub, you can rest assured knowing that your Deep Soaking Bath Tub has been handmade in Somerset (England) by our skilled team.

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