Deep Soaking Baths FAQs

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Approximately 24 inches or 600mm to be precise. Many websites call their bath tubs deep soaking but they're far shallower in depth. Have you seen them? #NoteToSelf 400mm is not deep soaking, neither is 450mm 😂

Anything from 1050mm x 750mm x 600mm is going to be great for a deep soaking bath tub. Omnitub currently manufacture 8 different sized bath tubs that are available to be shipped Worldwide.

GRP coating with reinforced fibreglass is the way to go if you're working with a depth over 400mm.

Anywhere you like. Most customers ask us to place their overflow;

- In the middle on one of the log sides of their Omnitub.

- At the opposite end to the position on the Omnitub Drawings.

We can ship your Omnitub without an overflow and we can work with you directly post purchase to ensure your overflow is placed in the correct position.

The standard position for an overflow is 535mm from the bottom of the Omnitub.

Our overflow and waste sizes are standard sizes so if you'd like to use a waste system from another company then no modification will need to be made on your Omnitub.

Omnitub Delivery FAQs

You'd like to order an Omnitub but have questions regarding delivery?

Look no further...

Non jet orders shipped within the UK are currently at 4 working days.

Omnitub's ordered through the configurator are at around 25 working says currently (updated October 2020).

We do. We just haven't added it to the delivery system yet. Reach out and we'll add it for you :-)

If your order is placed before 10am and is not a jet system order, we can dispatch your Omnitub on the same working day to be delivered in two working days time.

If you're order is placed after 10am then your order will be dispatched the next working day and will be delivered in two working days time.

If you would like us to hold your order until a later date then please let us know after you have placed your order or on the cart page on our website you can specify this in the notes section next to the proceed to checkout button.

Absolutley, simply opt for click and collect on our website and our team will ensure your order is ready for collection.

Please give us a call should you wish to discuss this further on 01934 751 200