No, but as the bath is much shorter than a normal bath it shouldn’t be difficult to find one to fit.

Tubs are made in white only now – mainly because as the rest of the bathroom fittings are ceramic and the tubs are fibreglass, you will never get an exact colour match.

Yes – but if you drop a heavy object like a hammer in them they may splinter.

No, this must be done on site by your plumber.  The lip at the waste end is wider than the other three lips to enable you to do this – holes should be made with a tank cutter and masking tape should be put on the fibreglass where you are drilling to prevent splintering.

No, and the step is not necessary (was put in photos for aesthetic reasons) – if you build a step you have a long way to step down into the tub. The tubs come with feet to sit on.

Inside height: 580mmOverflow to base: 490mmBase of tub inside: Solo 880mm x 510mm

Inside height: 580mmOverflow to base: 490mmDuo 880mm x 880mm

We do. All of the shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout.

We build our tubs and keep them as stock.

Yes, when you view one of our tubs, there will be a photo attached where you can view the dimensions and technical specifications of that tub.

You can view them by clicking onto any of our products, then attached to the product, it will show you what all 9 Chromotherapy lights look like when active.

Yes you can, however many people prefer to fully extend them.

He might, however the delivery is set to curb-side delivery. This means that the delivery driver is not obliged to help once the delivery has been delivered to your address.

Most customers visit us down in Somerset. There are lots of photos on social media so this can help when deciding what tub to go for. We can organise a walk-around video to showcase a tub if you are interested too.

Of course. If so, you would need to contact us to discuss when you would like the tub delivered.

To find any discount codes, you can check our social medias as they would be promoted on there.