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Door Width Requirements for Omnitub

Door Width Requirements for Omnitub

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How wide does my door and hallway need to be?

67cm / 670mm. This is with any Omnitub turned sideways with standard 4.5cm fixed feet (60cm / 600mm Depth + 2.5cm / 25mm base + 4.5cm fixed feet). Use this option if you are not able to sink the waste into the floor as you'll need a reasonable 10cm / 100mm under the Omnitub for the waste to flt correctly.

You can order your Omnitub with no fixed feet which would then require a 62.5cm / 625mm width with any Omnitub turned sideways. If you decide this option we will premould the base to ensure a secure fit once the Omnitub is in your bathroom. We will number the base and the detached feet along with make pilot holes and supply self tap screws, making it super easy to re attach the feet to the Omnitub.

If you decide you'd like the shorter fixed feet which are 2.5cm / 25mm in height you would need 65cm / 650mm width (60cm / 600mm Depth + 2.5cm / 25mm base + 2.5cm / 25mm fixed feet). If you used the 10cm / 100mm bolts with the 2.5cm / 25mm fixed feet you would be left with around 10cm / 100mm under the Omnitub but this may be a bit tight to connect your waste without being able to submerge the waste.

The most common options with customers are to have 4.5cm / 45mm fixed feet with 100mm bolted feet. You can always cut the 10cm / 100mm bolted feet once delivered should you wish to lower the height of the Omnitub once placed in your bathroom.

The standard width of a UK sized door is 76.2cm / 762mm however we are of course aware that some properties have much smaller widths which is why we have the options we have to help you get your Omnitub through the door.

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Solo Range

Solo | 1050mm x 750mm
Solo Plus | 1250mm x 750mm
Solo Extra | 1150mm x 900mm
Solo Ultra | 1500mm x 800mm

Duo Range

Duo | 1050mm x 1050mm
Duo Plus | 1250mm x 1050mm
Duo Extra | 1500mm x 1050mm
Duo Ultra | 1500mm x 1500mm

Deluxe Range

Deluxe | 1700mm x 750mm
Deluxe Plus | 1800mm x 800mm
Deluxe Extra | 1900mm x 900mm

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