Omnitub Japanese Deep Soaking Baths FAQ's

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It's an additional £200 for a Coloured Omnitub (any size).

It's an additional £60 for a Coloured Side Panel or an additional £100 for a Coloured Half Panel.

To order any of the colours not listed on the website but inside the colours brochure, please reach out to us on WhatsApp, Email Or Call +44 1934 751 200 and we'll be more than happy to help you.

We do not have physical samples of the colours but we have listed as much information on the pages with references as possible.


The tubs are so sturdy it's a genuinely amazing experience to shower in an Omnitub.

You'll find immediately that far less water leaves the tub space due to the depth of an Omnitub and that there's no bowing or flexing movements whilst moving around in your tub.

You're supposed to be enjoying a shower not riding a theme park ride after all.


You turn the tub on its side to get it through your door.

All Omnitub's are shipped with a total height of 625mm / 62.5cm / 24.6in.

Standard UK door sizes are between 720mm & 765mm, leaving plenty of space to get through the door and around awkward spaces in and around your property.

If your Omnitub does not have an overflow then the internal depth is 600mm / 60cm / 23.62in

If you have an overflow then the internal height is 525mm from the base of the Omnitub to the bottom of the overflow. The overflow hole is a standard size (around 50mm in diameter) which leaves 25mm to the top of the Omnitub internal height.

Water filled to bottom of overflow placed at 52.5cm from the bottom of the Omnitub giving a 52.5cm depth.

Take the combined weight of your desired Omnitub then do the following to get the total weight to consider the load;

Weight Of Bather(s) =

Combined Weight - Weight Of Bathers = Total Weight.


Water Capacity Filled = 238 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 19.85 KG

Combined Weight = 258 Litres

Solo Plus

Water Capacity Filled = 296 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 25.30 KG

Combined Weight = 321.27 Litres

Solo Extra

Water Capacity Filled = 340 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 27 KG

Combined Weight = 366.94 Liters

Solo Ultra

Water Capacity Filled = 402 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 28.50 KG

Combined Weight = 430.13 Liters

Solo Extreme

Water Capacity Filled = 433 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 32.45 KG

Combined Weight = 465.58 Liters

Solo Max

Water Capacity Filled = 260 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 21.35 KG

Combined Weight = 281.23 Liters

Solo Flow

Water Capacity Filled = 432 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 29.75 KG

Combined Weight = 461.56 Liters

Solo Supreme

Water Capacity Filled = 350 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 29.50 KG

Combined Weight = 379.28 Liters


Water Capacity Filled = 368 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 29 KG

Combined Weight = 397.16 Liters

Duo Plus

Water Capacity Filled = 457 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 32.95 KG

Combined Weight = 490.36 Liters

Duo Extra

Water Capacity Filled = 569 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 36.90 KG

Combined Weight = 605.87 Liters

Duo Extreme

Water Capacity Filled = 740 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 50.80 KG

Combined Weight = 791.05 Liters

Duo Ultra

Water Capacity Filled = 870 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 55.70 KG

Combined Weight = 925.89 Liters


Water Capacity Filled = 426 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 33.25 KG

Combined Weight = 459.16 Liters

Deluxe Plus

Water Capacity Filled = 496 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 35.95 KG

Combined Weight = 532.08 Liters

Deluxe Extra

Water Capacity Filled = 616 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 39.95 KG

Combined Weight = 655.51 Liters

Deluxe Extreme

Water Capacity Filled = 600 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 35.95 KG

Combined Weight = 636.42 Liters

Deluxe Ultra

Water Capacity Filled = 703 Litres

Weight Of Omnitub = 43.95 KG

Combined Weight = 746.79 Liters

Most customers lay an OSB board of around 18mm under the Omnitub to ensure an even load is spread across the flooring in the room the Omnitub is installed in. This is rather standard practice as it ensures the load is spread evenly.

Any structural concerns (especially on the larger tubs) need to be discussed with your installer who will refer externally if it is felt it is necessary and can not be advised by ourselves due to the wide variety of properties throughout the World.

It is very unlikely for a smaller tub to require structural work however, larger tubs could do. Again, this is not something we're able to advise on due to the nature of building and structural environments.

There are a few things which sets this number. The main question we ask is;

Can your waste and trap come up from the floor level (under the floorboards if on the first floor or higher)?

It is very widely considered that especially in older properties where the floowboards are generally much deeper than that of newer properties that you can sink your waste and trap and piping to connect to the downpipe under the floor level.

If this is the case then in you may be able to set the Omnitub as low as 63cm / 630mm / 24.80 inches as an installed and total height.

This would leave the Omnitub with no feet attached and would simply lay the Omnitub on the OSB board as mentioned in the above FAQ.

Your installer may be able to sink the waste and the trap under the floorboard level but may need a bit more space to connect the waste on the Omnitub to the trap and pipework under the floorboard. If this is the case then generally the fixed feet are screwed into the Omnitub in the room of choice and the Omnitub will sit with a total installed height of around 67cm / 670mm / 26.38 inches.

If your trap and pipework is above the floor level in the installed room of choice then your likely installed height is going to be between 70cm / 700mm / 27.56 inches and 75cm / 750mm / 29.53 inches.

White (00-E-55) + £0

Black (00-E-53) + £200

Blue (20-E-56) + £200

Carnival Red (04-E-53) + £200

Flint Grey (00-A-09) + £200

Nightshade (22-B-25) + £200

60’s Pink (01-0-21) + £200

625mm (any Omnitub on its side is 625mm).

You will then be able to attach the feet to the Omnitub when the Omnitub is through the doors by screwing the fixed feet into the base board of the Omnitub (self tap screws provided and pilot holes drilled. This will not have any imapact on the stability of the Omnitub and ensures you can get your Omnitub through narrower doorways.

If you have air jets on the Omnitub then we will not be able to ship with no fixed feed because of the space required under the base board for the jet installation. It would need to be 670mm wide on its side.

Every Omnitub is handmade in Somerset using a resin gel coat and reinforced with fibreglass with an additional baseboard under the Omnitub for extra stability and support. The base board also ensures that you could drill into the base should you need too if your doorways are narrower than the 670mm as mentioned above.

Customers have installed a step up or used another material to be used as a step for astetic or functional purposes regardless of their installed height.

Steps are a great way to split the room out and to give an extra design touch and there is no rule or formula as to whether you need a step to get into an Omnitub.

We have had customers who are 5 feet tall who have their Omnitub at 750mm installed height and haven't wanted or used a step in their install.

On the same side we have had customers who are 6 feet tall who have their Omnitub installed at 630mm who have installed a step into their environment.

Its really a subjective and individuals circumstances and preferences as to whether steps are a good / useful addition to their environment.


You can't stretch a sheet of acrylic over a 450mm depth without severe structural reinforcement. It just doesn't work.

We never use acrylic to manufacture an Omnitub.

Due to the nature of the materials and manuacturing processes used, an Omnitub maintains temperature unlike any other bath or tub on the market.

Genuinely, it's incredible. The reviews speak for themselves 👀

Waste Hole Size

51mm | 5.1cm | 2.01in

Overflow Hole Size

51mm | 5.1cm | 2.01in

Hole sizes are standard and you can source your own waste if you would like to do so.

The length of the overflow pipe is generally awkward and depending on the side of the overflow on each tub would depend on the length of pipe you would need if you have an overflow on the Omnitub.

It is advised to consider a 130cm | 51.18 in | 1300mm length hose that is 100% flexi on the waste with an overflow and would advise against a pop up waste on a waste length this long due to the nature of the cables with water pressure. Click Clacks / Click Wastes are considered better performers.

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