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Omnitub Deep Soaking Tub | 1495x800x1000 Size | Luxury Bath Experience

Suitable For Indoor | Outdoor | Commercial Use.

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Suitable For Cold Plunge Use.

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Omnitub 1495 x 800mm Deep Seated Bath

£1,747.00 GBP £2,997.00

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Deep Seated Tub 1495 x 800 x 1000 is big... Like, really big. This beauty does not play around and takes a long time to fill and will weight a huge amount when fill.

We can not stress enough about the weight of this. Do not put it on the first floor of your property.

It's great for ground floor or outdoors but not on the first / second floor of a property.

It's super spacious and was originally created to replace a customers soaking space which unfortunately leaked.... Multiple times! So this was the creation to ensure it held shape and didn't leak! The results were perfect and we wanted to share the creation of this beautiful large seated deep tub with you.

This Deep Seated tub is certainly big enough for two sat side by side and will stay at temperature for a crazy long amount of time.

If you have space for a large seated tub either on the ground floor or outdoors then you've most probably just found the best deep seated tub ever.

The internal space inside this Deep Seated Tub is vast and when we write vast we really do mean it.

The flanges are just 25mm all round so theres no chance in decking taps onto this however perfectly suitable to build a surround around the Deep Seated Tub or from filling from the wall taps.

You could fit an overflow on this but please consider the external protrusion of the overflow or overflow/filler will exceed the Deep Seated Tub so you will have to either have a surround around this section or will need to be able to go into the wall of the space you're placing the Deep Seated tub in order to accommodate this.

It's very common to do either of the above.

Although an Omnitub Deep Soaking Tub doesn't generally require a step or two to get in, this will. It's going to sit anywhere from 975 to 1150 in total height so either dedicated step or two up to the Deep Seated Tub or an integrated step up in line with a shower to double up as a seat for the shower area.

If like many, you've been waiting for Omnitub to manufactuer a Deep Seated Tub or you've just stumbled across Omnitub and found this, you're welcome!!

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Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

When you purchase an Omnitub, you can rest assured knowing that your Deep Soaking Bath Tub has been handmade in Somerset (England) by our skilled team.

We are not importers, distributors or resellers of another product.

We are the proud manufacturers of the Omnitub.

  • Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

    Handmade in Somerset using the finest materials ensuring we can stand behind our 30 year Manufacturers Warranty.

  • Soaking Depth Up to 600mm | 23.62 Inches

    When we describe our tubs as deep soaking we mean it. Your search has ended. Relax. (Non Seated Tub Depth).

  • Worldwide Shipping through Road, Sea and Air.

    UK Deliveries are with Pallet-Track and Worldwide Deliveries with DHL. Sea Freight is Occasionally Available.

  • Indoor, Outdoor or Commercial Use

    Bathrooms, Tub Rooms, Gardens, Hotels, Airbnb, Glamping, Rentals, Retreats, Health Clubs, Gyms and more.

  • Suitable With Or Without A Shower System

    An Omnitub® is great to use with a shower. The solid, sturdy base delivers an amazing experience.

  • Omnitub Duo Extra 1500 x 1050mm Small Rectangular Deep Bath

    Any Colour Is Possible with Omnitub®

    Not everyone wants a white tub. We've over 125 standard colours and even offer a colour match service.

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Omnitub 1495 x 800mm Deep Seated Bath

£1,747.00 GBP £2,997.00


1495mm / 149.5cm / 58.86in


800mm / 80cm / 31.50in

Internal Length


Internal Width


Soaking Depth

975mm / 97.5cm / 38.39in

Boiler Size From



45 KG
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