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Omnitub 1150 x 900mm Extra Deep Bath

Suitable For Indoor | Outdoor | Commercial Use.

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Suitable For Cold Plunge Use.

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Omnitub 1150 x 900mm Extra Deep Bath

£897.00 GBP £957.00

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The Small Deep Bath, Omnitub Solo Extra is 550 mm (55 cm | 21.65 inches) shorter than a “standard” tub size but due to having a total internal soaking height of 600 mm (60 cm | 23.62 inches) takes soaking to a totally unique level.

It’s a popular choice for customers who are looking to mirror a soaking space with a separate shower and also for the customer who has a small space and wants to maximise environment by not taking the majority of the area with a tub.

The 900 mm (90 cm | 35.43 inches) external width of the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra means it’s not going to protrude too much in the soaking space and mirrors well with specific showering areas. When a space has a fixed 1.8 meter width it’s a perfect match to split the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra and the walk in shower area.

The 1150 Long by 900 Wide by 625 Height Small Deep Soaking Bath has become a popular size for both indoor and outdoor soaking spaces along with commercial environments.

The waste is in a fixed position towards Side A in a central space. Naturally in the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra you’d sit with your back on side C and would fill the tub through either the overflow on Side A, deck mounted taps on Side A or wall mounted taps on side A.

It has also been popular for customers to place an overflow on side B or D of the Omnitub Solo Extra and fill from the 1150 Length side, even though the waste is fixed towards side A in the centre.

The Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra is perfectly suitable to shower over and often customers have opted to install a shower in one of the corners or along one of the Sides.

The installed height of the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra is depending on the installed environment but commonly it’s installed with a total height between 630 mm (63 cm | 24.80) and 730 mm (73 cm and 28.74 inches).

Adding a step or two is more of a design preference as opposed to an essential instal method as the height of the installed Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra isn’t particularly overwhelming for most users. Steps do look lovely in the right setting and can be used to store items in the space as well as assist users in getting in and out of the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra.

We manufacture the Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra 6 days a week in white and can dispatch an order for the next business day (or longer if you choose your delivery date on the cart page), if you add the services of trimming of the sides, adding tap hols or overflow into your Omnitub order it will not delay dispatch (but we need to know which taps and where you’d like them adding before we can make any holes).

Coloured Small Deep Bath Omnitub Solo Extra orders need around 2 weeks to manufacture due to load of coloured orders and whether we have the colour in stock, it’s never longer than 3 weeks unless it’s a custom colour matched order in which case it could be 6 weeks.

Omnitub is a Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tub Manufacturer based in Somerset. We’re able to ship Worldwide and supply to Domestic, Commercial and Public Sector Markets. Omnitub’s are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose your delivery date on the cart page or reach out to us on WhatsApp or phone if you’d like to place an order or ask any further questions.

Please be aware that any tap holes have to be frilled by the customer.

Product details

  • Material: OmniCore - Reinforced Fibreglass and GRP Resin
  • Finish: Gloss White
  • Tap Holes: 0
  • Supplied with bath feet in a separate box
  • Tap mounting - bath mounted or wall mounted

Guarantee: 30-years

Please be aware that any tap holes have to be frilled by the customer.

Omnitub® Technical Downloads

Product technical datasheet Installed Omnitub Height Guide Included Feet Kit Drilling Overflow Guide Drilling Tap Holes guide Trimming An Omnitub Omnitub Colour Chart Required Door Way Access Choosing The Right Omnitub Panel Omnitub Cleaning Guide Manufacturers Guarantee Manufacturers Warranty

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Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

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We are the proud manufacturers of the Omnitub.

  • Handmade Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

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  • Suitable With Or Without A Shower System

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  • Omnitub Duo Extra 1500 x 1050mm Small Rectangular Deep Bath

    Any Colour Is Possible with Omnitub®

    Not everyone wants a white tub. We've over 125 standard colours and even offer a colour match service.

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Omnitub 1150 x 900mm Extra Deep Bath

£897.00 GBP £957.00


1150mm / 115cm / 45.28in


900mm / 90cm / 35.43in

Internal Length

975mm / 97.5cm / 38.39in

Internal Width

750mm / 75cm / 29.53in

Soaking Depth

600mm / 60cm / 23.62in

Boiler Size From



27.00 KG / 47.07 LBS
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