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Why choose a deep soaking bath tub?

Why choose a deep soaking bath tub

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Omnitub manufacture the UK's favourite deep soaking bath tubs which are made deeper than a standard bath. All of our Omnitub® bath tubs product depth is 600mm. There are many reasons and benefits on why a homeowner may choose a deep soaking bath tub; we're here to tell you why you should choose an Omnitub® deep soaking bath tub over any other bath.

Small deep soaking bath tubs are great for saving space.

The main advantage is their ability to save space in compact bathrooms. With the deep soaking bath tub being 600mm in depth, this will completely submerge the individual and make their bathing experience more comfortable. At Omnitub, we manufacture lots of small deep soaking bath tubs suitable to fit in all home environments. Although our small deep soaking baths come in shorter lengths, comfort is still attained allowing the person to enjoy their tub to the fullest. The Omnitub® Solo is the smallest deep bath which we manufacture. This small deep bath is suitable to fit in all types of highrise apartments and small areas.

Small Deep Soaking Bath Tub

Modern 21st century design

When we design a new Omnitub® small deep soaking bath tub, the aesthetics of the tub is not compromised. We ensure that all of our deep baths are made to be comfortable, luxurious and give the ultimate bathing experience feel. 

Our most popular deep bath, the Omnitub® Solo has been shipped across the entire world and has fit into many minimalistic bathrooms. Not only does our deep baths come in a variety of different lengths and widths, but we can also colour your deep bath in over 123+ colours.

Modern 21st Century Deep Soaking Bath Tub

Retaining heat for longer

Omnitub's deep soaking bath tubs are incredible at retaining heat for long periods of time. Whilst the deep baths may use a lot of water to fill, you will not need to worry about the length of time you spend in the Omnitub® deep soaking bath tub. Unlike conventional bath tubs and other bath tub manufacturers who say they make 'deep baths', our deep soaking bath tubs retain heat up to ten times longer.

Don't believe us? Check out our Trustpilot written by real people who have shared their Omnitub bathing experience with the world.

Excellent water heat retention on Deep Soaking Bath Tubs

Deep soaking baths are perfect for sharing

Our deep soaking baths do not just come in small sizes, we have over 20 sizes made to suit all purposes. In fact, a lot of our bigger Omnitub deep soaking bath tubs have been purposely designed to cater for two people allowing them to have the ultimate bathing experience. When choosing a deep soaking bath for two people, a lot of couples choose the Omnitub® Duo

Did you know that we also make your deep soaking bath tub with jet whirlpools and LED lights? We have deep soaking whirlpool baths available to purchase in a range of standard configurations.

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