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Handcrafted Bath Tubs in Somerset.


Why Let Lack Of Space Cramp Your Style?

City dwelling or just a small bathroom can often mean space is at a premium. This is particularly so in apartment bathrooms, which rarely contain baths as they only have room for a shower, And while showers are great, particularly if you’re in a rush, you can’t beat the luxury of submerging yourself in a hot bath, soaking away the troubles of the day.

But having that luxury isn’t as out of reach as you may think. Omnitub may have the answer. The company’s Japanese-style tub is shorter and deeper than a traditional bath, so that you can have a proper soak, even in the tiniest of bathrooms. The Japanese have never used lack of space as an excuse for poor design or styling, and the Omnitub is a classic example of this.

These small but perfectly formed handmade bathtubs are taking the British market by storm. They provide a perfect solution for people who are style conscious, and want a bath tub, but are restricted by limited room dimensions.

The Omnitub comes in two sizes: the Duo, made for sharing; and the Solo, for total self-indulgence. As simple to fit as a regular bath, the stylish Omnitub will suit modern bathrooms, and its lack of built-in seat means that you can immerse yourself completely.

Omnitub is not only space-saving, it has other practical advantages, too. Made of lightweight fibreglass – in white as standard (other colours are available on request) – it has pre-drilled waste and overflow holes, so it’s quick and simple to install on all floors. Its extra-deep dimensions mean there is a lesser surface area, which means that the water stays hotter for longer.

And the tub’s smooth bottom and higher sides mean that it’s also suitable for showering, meaning you don’t have to install a tray and a tub in your bathroom. And if that’s not enough for you, these stylish tubs can also be used for the ultimate luxurious bubble bath, as you can choose to have waterjets fitted as an optional extra.

If you have limited bathroom space then you should take a look at Omnitub for deep baths that are perfect for small spaces, so you don’t have to compromise on luxury, or style.

The Omnitub Range


To date we have had 4 Omni tubs. We installed our first Omni in the 1970’s. Since then whenever we have been designing a bathroom an omni has been our first choice.

Brilliant for converting the smallest room in a ‘Victorian house’ into a bath rather then merely a shower room. Love the bath experience! The water really covers you all over.

Our most recent omni was a duo. Its the envy of my friends who insist on trying it out when they come to stay. About to equip a new bathroom and an Omni duo is top of the shopping list.
— Betty 02/08/2017
We have had two of these tubs we love them so much. We put one in initially as we had a small bathroom and wanted a bath and a shower.

We had it for about 20 years or so until the bathroom needed revamping and I wouldn’t have anything else so we bought another.

They are simply wonderful after a long walk or a tiring day as you sit in water up to your armpits. We recently moved and have the old style bath. I now don’t enjoy baths at all so am going to get another Omni.
— Geoff 10/06/2017

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