To date we have had 4 Omni tubs. We installed our first Omni in the 1970’s. Since then whenever we have been designing a bathroom an omni has been our first choice.

Brilliant for converting the smallest room in a ‘Victorian house’ into a bath rather then merely a shower room. Love the bath experience! The water really covers you all over.

Our most recent omni was a duo. Its the envy of my friends who insist on trying it out when they come to stay. About to equip a new bathroom and an Omni duo is top of the shopping list.
— Betty 02/08/2017
We have had two of these tubs we love them so much. We put one in initially as we had a small bathroom and wanted a bath and a shower.

We had it for about 20 years or so until the bathroom needed revamping and I wouldn’t have anything else so we bought another.

They are simply wonderful after a long walk or a tiring day as you sit in water up to your armpits. We recently moved and have the old style bath. I now don’t enjoy baths at all so am going to get another Omni.
— Geoff 10/06/2017