We have had two of these tubs we love them so much. We put one in initially as we had a small bathroom and wanted a bath and a shower. We had it for about 20 years or so until the bathroom needed revamping and I wouldn’t have anything else so we bought another. They are simply wonderful after a long walk or a tiring day as you sit in water up to your armpits. We recently moved and have the old style bath. I now don’t enjoy baths at all so am going to get another Omni.
— Geoff 10/06/2015
To date we have had 4 Omni tubs. We installed our first Omni in the 1970’s. Since then whenever we have been designing a bathroom an omni has been our first choice. Brilliant for converting the smallest room in a ‘Victorian house’ into a bath rather then merely a shower room. Love the bath experience! The water really covers you all over (no cold bits). Our most recent omni was a duo. Its the envy of my friends who insist on trying it out when they come to stay. About to equip a new bathroom and an Omni duo is top of the shopping list.
— Betty 02/08/2015
I had several motivations for replacing a conventional rectangular bath with an Omnitub during a full bathroom refit. First to minimize the footprint since I have a small (2×3 meter) bathroom within which I also wanted a walk in shower. Second was to have a bath which allowed comfortable full body immersion which is something I simply cannot do inside the dimensions of most conventional baths. Third was the expectation that hot water would stay hot for a very long time thanks to the smaller surface area exposed to cooler air.

I’m delighted to say that my Omnitub delivers excellently against these hoped for benefits and I can enjoy very long luxurious baths that encourage me to simply relax within the tub. Adopting a comfortable semi-seated or squatting position inside the tub is easy to do and so long as one is careful, reading in the bath is entirely possible thanks to the upright position.

The bath does take a long time to fill, for me about 20 minutes, however I’ve yet to stay long enough in the bath for the water temperature to dip below comfortable and I’ve stayed for upwards of 30 minutes. So yes, a long time to fill but the payoff is that the bath stays warm for far far longer than alternative baths.

Prior to purchase I took the opportunity to visit a site with an installed Omnitub, facilitated by the friendly folks at Omnitub. This and some Q&A by phone built my confidence to purchase. During install my contractor had some questions and again, the Omnitub folks were very helpful. So in addition to having a great product I’m happy with great service received too. Overall, very happy to recommend!
— Ben Richardson 10/10/2015