History | Omnitub


We are a small company based in the heart of Somerset, on the edge of levels.

Here at Omnitub we pride ourselves in the fact that all tubs are made in our own factory here in the UK.
We have a team member called Peaches, the directors Boxer dog. She shares his lunch at break time and is an excellent companion to the staff.

We strive to give a personal service.  The Omnitub was designed 11 years ago, and is based on the Japanese style baths.

James the Director of Omnitub has worked in the fiberglass industry for 27 years, all the Omnitubs are hand made by him and checked for a quality finish before dispatch.  James has worked on huge septic tanks to the smallest intricate mouldings. So his range of workmanship and many years experience make the Omnitub a high spec product.