Turnaround Times & Shipping Information

Keeping you in the loop every step of the journey, from ordering to dispatch to delivery.

Non UK Mainland Shipping

1.0 | Can we ship too….?

The answer has only been ‘No’ once and we’ve been asked thousands of times. So chances are that we can get an Omnitub delivered to you.

2.0 | How much does shipping cost?

The easiest way for us to price shipping is if you message us on WhatsApp with;

The size of the tub you’re looking to order

The Country it needs to go too

The Postcode/Zip of the shipping address

Whether it’s Domestic or Commercial Shipping.

We’ll then run a price with our partner to get the tub delivered to your door.

3.0 | Why can’t you just list prices for shipping on your website like other companies?

We’d like too.. It was much easier before Brexit, but now there are varying factors to ship (list above) which can adjust the landed price considerably.

The other issue is the size of the tub because different size tubs fit within different brackets of Internal Shipping.

The general rule of thumb is that the smaller the Omnitub the lower the price would be to ship the consignment.

So it’s going to be cheaper to ship;

1050 x 750 | 1050 x 800 | 1150 x 900 | 1050 x 1050

Compared to shipping a larger tub because these all fit on a 1200 x 1200 pallet and can be shipped at less than 800mm total height so can be shipped on a much lower pallet weight restricted shipping method.

The following tubs can still fit on a 1200 x 1200 pallet but don’t fit within the 800mm total height so cost a bit more than the previous list;

1250 x 750 | 1250 x 850 | 1250 x 1050 | 1400 x 900 | 1500 x 800

The rest of the tubs will cost the most to ship because they’ll need to be shipped on what’s called an oversized pallet;

1500 x 1050 | 1500 x 1050 | 1600 x 800 | 1600 x 1050 | 1400 x 1200 | 1400 x 1400 | 1500 x 1500 | 1700 x 750 | 1750 x 950 | 1800 x 800 | 1800 x 1050 | 1900 x 900

4.0 | Essentially…

We can ship to you

Depending on where you would like your order delivered and which tub you’d like will depend on the price

Shipping is prompt but allow a week from the point of order to the collection due to couriers collection pretty much whenever they feel like it.

Once the item is collected it’s generally with you within a week in total.

There’s no import fees for items being sent to Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland due to the item being 100% handmade in UK Mainland.

There’s likely to be import fees if the tub is being shipped to another country which is not Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland.

You don’t pay VAT to Omnitub Ltd if you are ordering to be delivered to Southern Ireland or any other country but when the tub lands at your Countries Customs they will reach out to you and charge you the VAT which is payable in your country and there may be a customs charge on the item.  

We can give quick pricing for shipping with the information listed on 2.0