Turnaround Times & Shipping Information

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FREE UK Mainland & Northern Ireland Delivery

Dedicated Day AM & Dedicated Day PM (Monday - Friday)

Our FREE UK Mainland & Northern Irelan service offers free curbside delivery on a dedicated day of choice which you can select on the Checkout on our website or with an order over the phone.

It covers pretty much all UK mainland postcodes and there is no charge for this service.

There are some postcodes in the UK mainland which are classed as "Outer Scotland" and whilst these postcodes are still included in FREE UK mainalnd shipping, dedicated day is not always approved when we book the order in with our courier so it goes on what's called a booking in service which means once the order is with the delivery depot then a call is made to you to confirm the best day of delivery. You can still select a delivery date on the cart page and we will line our dispatch up to be as close to this date as possible in line with the booking in service.

Northern Ireland Domestic delivery addresses are now FREE OF CHARGE. We are so happy to welcome back this delivery service after the catastrophic events since Brexit. Finally, we can open the service back up and look forward to helping you through the ordering process.

This service was opened up from 14/07/2023.

UK Channel Islands

We can ship to UK Channel Islands but this is a chargable service.

You are more than welcome to organise your own shipping from a Channel Island Shipper and we can ship the order to a delivery partner on the Mainland which would fall into the FREE UK Mainalnd Shipping Service.

Alternatively we can price the shipping on request to go across the channel and to your address.

Please message us on WhatsApp or call us to organise this.

International Shipping Guide: Omnitub

This guide will provide information about our shipping charges for deliveries outside of the UK mainland, particularly for our esteemed product, Omnitub. Our shipping costs have been reverted to a price on application basis due to the variation in final packaging sizes, contingent upon the Omnitub(s) ordered.

1. Southern Ireland

For single items shipped to Southern Ireland, the charges typically fall within the range of £200 to £400. The final price will be determined based on the size of the Omnitub, and the shipping address.

2. Europe

Shipping to European countries can cost from £250 to £450 for single items. The price is influenced by the final destination and size of the Omnitub. Note that specific charges may vary for different countries within Europe.

3. USA, Canada, Australia and Other Non-road Network Countries

For countries where road network delivery is not feasible, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and others, the shipping costs for single items typically range between £750 and £2000. This variability is due to factors such as the final destination and the type of freight used.

3.1 Air Freight

In most cases, Air Freight is used for these deliveries. Please note that the prices given include the transportation of the goods only, and any additional customs charges, taxes, or duties are not included.

3.2 Sea Freight

Occasionally, Sea Freight is used, particularly when the delivery location is closer to a sea port or in cases where Air Freight is not an option. However, shipping through Sea Freight often takes more time than Air Freight.

Moreover, it is important to note that Sea Freight usually requires the services of a broker to get the item cleared through customs. This will result in additional charges. It's crucial to note that this additional requirement applies only to Sea Freight and not Air Freight.


In order to receive a quotation for orders outside of the UK Mainland & Northern Ireland you will need to fill out the form below this page. Please ensure everything is filled out to ensure we can provide a quotation back to you for consideration. Please also note that if you wish to organise your own shipping then we will need to ship it to a UK Mainland & Northern Ireland address first for you to forward it on from there. You can not arrange an Omnitub to be collected from our address. This is due to customs.