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Japanese Deep Soaking Tubs

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Japanese Deep Soaking Tubs

Handmade in Somerset, delivered straight to your door.

All of our Deep Soaking Baths are handmade in our premises in Somerset, United Kingdom.

First we hand-lay the GRP coating over our unique moulds which acts as the founding layer of our Deep Baths, we then heat appropriately before moving into the strengthening phase of our manufacturing process.

The handmade Deep Baths are then strengthened with Fibreglass and reinforced around the base of the Omnitub, giving a firm feel to the baths which is unlike any other Deep Bath in the World.

We then heat the Omnitubs to allow the process to bond together, reinforcing strength and stability to our Extra Deep Soaking Baths.

The fixed feet are then applied and fibreglass is placed to ensure the highest standard in British Manufacturing is upheld at all times.

The Deep Baths are then brushed off, polished and quality checked to ensure they meet our uniquely high finishing standards before being packaged and shipped to their destination.