Omnitub Solo With 8 Jet Whirlpool System

Omnitub Solo With 8 Jet Whirlpool System


Omnitub Solo

The Solo measures 1050 x 750 x 600.

The Omnitub Solo, ideal for them long relaxing soaks that you dream about. Step into a Omnitub Solo and immerse yourself fully, the water keeps hotter longer than a normal bath so you can endulge and relax until your hearts content. Can also be fitted with a whirlpool system.

8 Jet Whirlpool

4 large jets with directional eyeballs positioned on each side of the bath this can be added to either the Duo or the Solo.


Please note that all Omnitub orders that include a whirlpool system require a 14 day shipping period.

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Care and Installation

Please read these instructions completely before installing your Omnitub.

Inspect your carton for damage before removing the Omnitub.

The Omnitub can be damaged if tools or fittings are dropped into it during installation. It is best to cover the tub with an old blanket or thick cloth during installation when ever possible.

Do not stand in the Omnitub without it being supported on a load bearing structure. If installing an Omnitub Duo you should check the flooring can take the loading without reinforcement.

An Omnitub Duo fully filled with water could apply a load of 400kg/ sqm. This is about the same loading as a full traditional cast iron bath would exert.

Care Of The Tub

To clean the tub, please use non-abrasive cleaners (ie) liquid cleaners and a non-scratch scourer.  Surface scratches can be removed with T Cut polish.

Unlike acrylic, fibreglass can be buffed up with an electric polisher to regain high gloss if required.