Solo Extra

Solo Extra

from 630.00

The Solo Extra measures 1150 x 900 x 600

The Omnitub Solo Extra, slightly longer and wider than the Solo, immerse yourselves fully in the tub and enjoy and indulge in the Solo Extra's deep water unlike any other standard bath.

As with all our tubs, it’s shorter and deeper than a standard bath so the water stays hotter for longer, and as easy to fit as a standard bath.

Ideal for those long relaxing soaks that you dream about.

It comes delivered with pre-drilled waste and overflow holes.  No tap holes are pre-drilled to allow variation on the location of the taps or a bath filler can be used.

Jet Whirlpool:
Jet Spa:
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Total Capacity (Tubs Filled To The Overflow Hole)

289 Litres


Fillings to give immersion with water up to just below the shoulders when seated:

One Person Weighing 80kg | 268 Liters

Weight of Empty Tub


Delivery Time

10 Days

Jets & Spas

8 Jet Whirlpool

This has a pneumatic on/off controls, very powerful jets that are located 2 on each side. They are designed to invigorate the bather with a strong massaging effect.

12 Jet Whirlpool

This has a pneumatic on/off controls, very powerful jets that are located 3 on each side. They are designed to invigorate the bather with a strong massaging effect.

12 Jet Flush Spa

This offers a gentle bathing and massage experience relaxing in warm water infused with buoyant, champagne like bubbles. The patented flush spa nozzle only protrudes a few millimetres from the surface of the bath.


Pop Up Waste

Designed to perfectly compliment the range of baths and basins from Ultra. This extended bath pop up waste overflow offers a high level of value for money.

This particular waste is the perfect choice for a bathroom that has recently been upgraded and is able to be used with baths up to 10mm thick. It comes with brass internals and has a chrome finish, which means that it is not only going to stand the test of time, but will also look great too.

Bath Fill

The Ultra Minimalist Freeflow Bath Filler and Waste, Single Lever, Chrome is a model from the range of wastes and accessories. Designed to perfectly complement the range of Ultra baths and basins, this stylish waste is also excellent value-for-money.




Immerse Yourself In The Therapeutic Qualities Of Colour

Colour, like bathing, is a sensory experience. It can stimulate, relax, soothe, regenerate and refresh. As the scent of bath salts or the flicker of candles can influence our bathing experience, so can the powerful psychological properties of colour. Immerse yourself in a pool of colour and your mind and body are infused with the qualities that each individual shade brings.

Our new & improved Chromotherapy Whirlpool Baths focus more on the therapeutic qualities of colour. Our super high-flow venturi incorporate bright chromotherapy lighting which provides a superb all round lighting effect in the bath and include 5 preset programs promoting ENERGY, TONIC, RELAX, SUN and DREAM. Chromotherapy lighting can be used with or without the whirlpool massage. Click on the Chromotherapy Gallery tab above for an animation that shows the full range of 11 Colours that are provided by our Chromotherapy Lights.


Benjamin Richardson


Very different and absolutely fantastic alternative to conventional baths. I have an Omnitub Duo in my own bathroom and after two years of use, I am absolutely delighted.

Compared to a regular bath, the key advantages are -

  • You can completely immerse your body into the water, no body parts sticking out!

  • It is so much more comfortable to sit inside an Omnitub than it is to semi-recline inside a conventional bath.

  • The water remains hot far, far longer, you can stay inside basically as long as you like - hours if you want!

  • The small footprint is ideal for smaller bathrooms

  • The seated position inside the bath makes it easy to watch a video or read a book whilst soaking.

Laura Meyer


Excellent Service - Excellent product It has been about a year since we got our Omnitub. I researched for many years and had singled out the Omnitub as being a consistent winner in many categories.

I wanted a deep tub, length wasn't important as long as depth made up for it. My husband wasn't convinced it was worth extra money, it was really important to me though, as I have painful legs and back issues. So we purchased a Solo Plus a year ago and the entire family agrees it is one of our best purchases we have made this decade.

We liked bathing before, but now it is sublime! Even my husband is thrilled with it. The water stays hot for a very long time...hours.

It comes with clear directions and the staff were friendly and helpful. I kid you not, you don't know what you have been missing. Its fabulous and nice and compact!

Betty Smith


To date we have had 4 Omnitub’s. We installed our first Omni in the 1970’s. Since then whenever we have been designing a bathroom an Omnitub has been our first choice. Brilliant for converting the smallest room in a ‘Victorian house’ into a bath rather than merely a shower room. Love the bath experience! The water really covers you all over.

Our most recent Omnitub was a Duo. It’s the envy of my friends who insist on trying it out when they come to stay. About to equip a new bathroom and an Omnitub Duo is top of the shopping list.

Gabrielle Lawson


I love my new Omnitub Duo Plus! I’m so happy, I thought I was going to have to just have a shower in my new refurbished bathroom, then I found Omnitub and the solution was there! Thank you so much for supplying it in such a quick, timely way and for helping fulfil our needs all the way. Brilliant!