Why you should purchase a Deep Soaking Tub!

You should have a Deep Soaking Tub!
✅  Saves Water, although it is deceptive to the eye, Deep Soaking Tubs actually use less water than conventional tubs.
✅  Forget about sloping down your tub now you have a Deep Soaking Tub. You will be able to enjoy a Deep Soak in hot water with exposing parts to the cold air.
✅  Your hot water will retain its temperature for much longer than you think. We have estimated your water should stay hot for at least 30 - 40 minutes.
✅  Our tubs are made from Fibre Glass and coated in a special Gelcoating, assuring quality.
✅  We have one of the Deepest Soaking Tubs out there, you would be crazy to go anywhere else. 
If you do have any questions about your Dream Omnitub, we would 💙  to hear from you to help you further.
🛁  We cannot wait to hear from you and introduce you to your future Bath Tub. 🛁