What is the difference between a soaking tub and regular tub?

What Is The Difference Between A Soaking Tub And Regular Tub?

Regular Tub

A regular bath tub would measure between 1700mm - 1800mm and stereotypically is shorter in height to a Deep Soaking Tub. In a regular bath tub people will struggle to submerge their body under the water usually leaving parts of the body exposed to the cold air around them. Heat retention for a regular tub is average and normally lasts 15 - 20 minutes before the water becomes tepid. The cost of a regular tub will generally be cheaper than a deep soaking tub and are generally found to be a flimsy, thin acrylic that eventually loses its quality. The warranty usually lasts 4 - 5 years.

Deep Soaking Tub

Deep Soaking Tubs come in a variety of sizes so people with small and large bathrooms can accommodate them. They can range from 1000mm - 1700mm. People with Deep Soaking Tubs will find it easier to submerge their body under the water and soak in the hot water. Heat retention for a Deep Soaking Tub lasts for an incredible 45 minutes before you start to notice a difference. The cost of a Deep Soaking Tub usually is more expensive than a regular tub but is found to be sturdier, thicker acrylic or fibreglass (We use fibreglass at Omnitub), thicker material that is much stronger than a regular tub. The warranty usually lasts 10 -  15 years.